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Html5 banner ads

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Static Web Banner Ads

Static Web banners have a less advantage over HTML 5 creatives, because they cannot contain ani­mations and effects. Only image, logo and static text. So, if you want to send a simple message of your brand with some well-designed banner, then it might be a good choice for you.

HTML5 Banner Ads

Animated HTML5 Ads are replacement for the former Flash ads. Using creative design freedom with CSS, JavaScript and an unlimi­ted color palette, you can get the best final results. In order to succe­ssfully start Display Ads campaign your creatives must be checked through Ad validator.

So, what are the advantages of HTML5 banners ?

Well, there are many and we’ll mention some of them.

All files and generated JPG, PNG assets are exported in HTML5 format (including Java Script). They are responsive and looks great on any web browsers and devices. Adding Rich media like videos, mu­sic, image sliders and transition effects to banners can significantly increase user engagement and interaction.

It is worth mentioning that about 90% of all web browsers nowa­days support HTML5 and Web Banner Ads. Compared to GIF banners, they have smaller file sizes and faster load times. Faster load times, better user experience.

This means, they have a high impact for quality user experience and visi­tors will not leave the website so that your audience stays engaged. Animated HTML5 Banner Ad provide more creativity for desig­ners to create a great animation and improve a high CTR (click trough rates).
High click-through rates lead to high Quality Scores and this will improve your Ad position on search engine results.


Other Benefits of HTML5 Banner Ads


HTML banner has the advantage of fast loading due to the small file size.


Display Ads can boost your business and to significantly increase online visibility.


Possibility for Geo-targeting of potential customers.


Animation, Video and Audio support
without using any plug-in.

Before launching advertising campaign, you need to decide what type of Display Ads you need. Whether you are targeting Desktop or Mobile audience, it’s your choice, or you can combine both as well.

300x250 - Medium rectangle
320x50  - Mobile leaderboard
320x100 - Large mobile banner
250x250 - Square
200x200 - Small Square

336x280 - Large Rectangle
300x250 - Medium rectangle
468x60 - Banner
970x90 - Large Leaderboard
728x90 - Leaderboard
160x600 - Wide Skyscraper
300x600 - Half-Page Ad
250x250 - Square
200x200 - Small Square

HTML5 Banner Ads

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